Most frequent questions and answers

YES! This program is FOR you. We train and develop bartenders who want to learn how to box. We prefer no experience. Having experience is not necessarily an advantage. All boxer pairings have equal experience as safety is our priority.

Bartender Boxing Organization has it’s own rules, but for boxing, we go by USA Boxing rules which can be found here: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Boxing/Rulebook

The rules change for each market, but generally speaking:

You must be at least 21 years old, and under 40 at the time of your match (if you’re fighting) You must be a working bartender in the city you’re representing You must sign a contract that commits you to our requirements and three months of training

There is no cash prize for winning, but everyone wins here. Not in the ‘everyone gets a trophy’ sense like little league, but everyone who finished the program has told us that they have more control of and are in the best shape of their lives. There are USA sanctioned boxing bouts and winners who get a sweet belt, and bragging rights. The real prize is the three months of training and transformation that takes place.

All costs are provided for by our sponsors

  • All boxing gear (headgear, gloves, tape, shoes, shorts, shirts, etc)
  • Travel and Expenses if you travel to represent your city
  • Three months of training from a professional boxing coach (3x/week)
  • Dietary Guidance
  • An amazing team for support

Yep. This is boxing. Not Taibo, boxing fitness, or any other bootcamp type whatever. We are training bartenders to be USA Boxing registered amateurs, and that means that after we teach you how to defend yourself, and throw a punch, we will put you in the ring with someone. That person will most likely aim at your head from time to time.

Can you? Yes. Should you? Maybe.

Take a real hard look at what your commitments are before you apply to see if you really want to do this. It’s a lifestyle shift. And it takes up as much time as a part time job. You are expected to be at TEAM TRAINING three times a week, and though you can work out outside of the gym, it is NOT the same thing as team training.

The wisdom here however, is that when you commit to this, your time becomes more focused, and usable. You sleep better at night, and wake up fresh the next day. I’d say that this training is time well spent.

The boxers have an extremely rigorous schedule, AND they typically have at least one job.

The training scedule is three, one-hour trainings a week by a professional boxing coach, usually from 12 to 1pm, or whenever is convenient for the whole team to meet. Additionally, individual team members are expected to do individual ad hoc training outside the gym which consists of running, jumping rope, pushups, pull ups, sit ups, and dips.

Boxers have a full gym membership for the entire three months, and are free to come and go work out as gym hours permit.

Just applying takes a lot of courage.

We have limited spaces per city, split equally between men and women. That’s an extremely small amount of slots per gender. We need to ensure we have interchangeable options between these people as we can only take an educated guess as to where you’ll end up and who you’ll match up with come game night. This means that weight class is a HUGE factor in recruiting. You could be our ideal candidate, but we still wouldn’t be able to offer you a slot on the teams if we don’t have options in your corresponding weight class.

Your application is still INCREDIBLY valuable to us, and we take the time you spent filling it out VERY seriously. WE WILL reach out to you next time we are in your city.

Yes. Everyone wears USA Boxing approved headgear and gloves. We use bigger 16oz gloves as compared to 12 oz gloves used at normal amateur fights. Sparring is only done under the supervision of a qualified, registered coach or instructor. Bouts are officiated by USA Boxing chapter representatives.

Yes. All bouts are sanctioned through the National Amateur Boxing Commission governing your country.

Yep! We’re a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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